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Therapy Services

Inner Counselor:  Brief Therapy

55 minute session assisting you in decreasing anxiety, trauma, depression, or phobias. Process involves a specific creative visualization in order to transform negative thoughts/behaviors into positive symbols and behaviors.3-4 sessions are typical. $150

For those who wish, an additional 1 hour therapeutic art painting session can be added afterwards for an additional fee of $75.  Materials included. 

Experiental Art Session

Guided visual art to enhance and stimulate the therapeutic process. Projects available include: Affirmation Mirror or collage, painting, kinetic mobile assembly, 'God Boxes,' Antler art.....  Contact me for more information. Usually billable to your insurance as an 'out of network' therapy session.  Sessions are 1.5 -2 hours and include all materials. (Some materials such as deer antlers may have an additional charge.) Please wear clothing appropriate for paint that won't wash out.  $150-$175

Individual Therapy: Traditional

Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Substance Use. 55 minute session assisting you in setting and achieving your goals, focus, and strengthening coping skills. These sessions are person-centered but typically involve motivational interviewing, goal settings and achievement strategies, and accessing your inner strengths. (Progress letters to lawyers and courts are available at no additional charge after you complete 3 sessions.) 


Fees may be lowered on a case-by-case basis.

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