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Janice Kitson 


  • Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Professional Artist

 Live Appointments Only.  

I am a both an artist and a mental health therapist. Many of my therapy clients are artists, musicians, writers, other therapists, and self employed people. If you are ready to work on healing depression, trauma, feelings of 'being stuck', addiction, or other issues, then give me a call or contact me. I use evidence based, yet varied and flexible techniques. Frequently they are a combination of art and experiential therapy. 


I am also a successful artist. Click the 'My Art' page. 

Therapy Areas of Expertise

  • Inner Counselor: a guided healing focused on your own strengths.  
  • Substance use prevention emotional stability and skill building. 
  • Solution focused Psychotherapy
  • Painting, collage, mandalas, and mixed media.  

Janice Kitson LCSW LCAS obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art, from Kennesaw State University GA and her Social Work Masters Degree from Western Carolina University. She is an Internationally Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist practicing in the state of North Carolina. 


Janice has an eclectic style that is tailored to individual client needs. She frequently works with artists, musicians, writers, chaplains, and other therapists who may be feeling "burnout."

Substance use prevention clients are also very welcomed and, with court permission, sessions may often be used to meet some treatment requirements. 

Janice is trained and specializes in "Inner Counselor,"Transpersonal Psychology Brief Therapy Sessions. (As structured by Drs. Shannon South and Ann Nunley). Her areas of expertise include healing for tauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, and self-confidence.   Janice is also trained in other techniques to include, but not limited to, Motivational Interviewing, Neuroscience, EFT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Matrix Substance Use Prevention. A therapeutic artistic project may also be included. 

Janice has studied Meditation and Shamanism since 1988. In addition to her formal education she completed a 3-year folk healer apprentice ship in 2004. She has an eclectic background including travels in Australia, Peru, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and 39 of the United States.
She has over 36 years of continuous clean and sober living and is familiar with numerous recovery techniques and tricks.

The Details: Services are offered for adults only. I do not directly bill insurance companies, however I will provide a 'superbill' which you can submit to your insurance company. Most will reimburse you as an "out of network' expense. I do accept medical savings account payments. Please read FAQ section.


Contact Me

  • I generally respond to texts and calls within 24 hours. 

  • E-mail response will be returned with 48 hours. 

278 State Highway 80 North, Burnsville NC 28714

Tel: 828-273-3646

Thanks for submitting!

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