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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What about payment?

    • I do not bill insurance. Payment is due at time of service. However I will give you a receipt, called a "superbill", which is accepted by most major insurance carriers at an "out of network" payment rate. You submit this yourself  to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please call and check with them first.

    • I accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Medical savings plans.

  • Do you have a sliding scale?  

    • I keep 4 weekly slots for other therapists or chaplains at 1/2  price during Covid restrictions.

    •  I will also occasionally do 1 or 2 brief therapy sessions at extreme discount with people new in substance use recovery. You will need a referral from a sponsor, another therapist, provider, or someone in recovery that I already know. 

  • What age do you serve?

    • Adults only over the age of 18. 

  • Do you see people live?

    • Yes! Masked in my art studio which is large enough to work 6' apart.  

    • Yes! masked in my office, 6' apart with an outside door open and fan. (This door is on a second floor balcony and is not visible to passers by.)

  • When are you available?

    • Tuesday 9am last slot 6 pm.  

    • Thursday, 9am last slot at 7pm.

    • Friday 9am, last slot 3pm.

    • Saturday 9am, last slot 3pm. 

  • Will your services meet substance use individual therapy requirements for court or DSS ?

    • Probably, but ask your case worker or court liaison  first. 

  • How do I make an appointment?

    • Text or call me at 828-273-3646 

  • Do you do couples or family therapy?

    • No this is out of my area of expertise. 

  • Do you work with people receiving medication assistance for substance use therapy? 

    • Yes! Your recovery is your own.​


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